We work with you to address your most critical challenges, identify your highest value opportunities, and help you transform your organisation for improved performance.
Our unique approach delivers rapid organisational insights, and is usually a catalyst for data-driven cultural transformation.
You will find us politely irreverent to traditional approaches and unapologetic in our pursuit for rapid results.
Our Heritage
Our CEO, Andrew Thomas, co-founded Thomas Duryea Consulting in 2000. He and 3 mates from uni grew TD over the next 15 years until successfully exiting in 2015. Recognising that so many of his customers were challenged by data sprawl and weighed down by legacy solutions, he founded AtlasPlato and embarked on a journey to help customers transform into data-driven organisations.
Our Vision
We help customers dramatically increase performance through better use of data.
Our Uniqueness
We are a high performance people-centric organisation. Our culture is guided by values of integrity, agility, and innovation. Our people bring intellect, ambition, and boundless energy to every client interaction. We meld some of most brilliant technical minds with commercial acumen to achieve exceptional results.

Our Leadership Team


Andrew Thomas

Dreams of dirt biking across deserts

Andrew has significant experience in the IT sector, serving on numerous global advisory boards, and being recognised for his contribution to the industry. At 36, Andrew was the youngest inductee into the ARN Hall of Fame.

Prior to founding atlastix.io, Andrew was CEO and co-founder of Thomas Duryea Consulting, one of Australia's most recognised infrastructure and cloud services companies. In 2015 Thomas Duryea was successfully acquired by global integrator Logicalis.

Andrew is a proud father of two, with a third on the way.


Marty Eriksson

Cannot ride a horse for quids

Marty's passion is bringing technology innovation to business. He was a leading enterprise architect during the halcyon days of VMWare and from there expanded his talent toward strategy consulting and advisory.

Marty's recent hobbies have included an obsession with IOT, and his country property, while fully self-sustained, had more sensors and IFTTT statements than hay bales.


David Gulli

Parkour legend in another lifetime

David lives and breathes Devops, DevSecOps, DataOps & AIOPS.

Originally an accomplished Microsoft engineer, David served as CTO of Thomas Duryea Consulting before moving into the world of DevOps. Prior to co-founding Atlastix, David leading DevOps and DataOps projects in the fintech industry.

David is a recognised speaker in Australia and is often invited to present on various technology centred topics. 

He is completely besotted by his pug who lives like a royal at his home in Melbourne, Australia.

About AtlasPlato.

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