Enabling a connected economy

In this modern, competitive economy, an API approach is critical to digital success. Whether it’s to provide a superior digital experience, to grow markets and revenue streams, connect employees and partners, or launch an innovative new service, successfully executing a business strategy requires the ability to rapidly launch new apps to coordinate your digital presence with partners.

Digital transformation demands building, testing and iterating on applications faster than your competitors. We believe that the path to rapid innovation is through modern software development using API’s, and our highly experienced team is on hand to support you through this path to innovation.


AtlasPlato will rapidly lead your organisation toward new customer experiences by using cloud native platforms and technologies to provide portable, reusable APIs

Our approach to modernisation

Modernize your traditional on-premises applications using the best of cloud native services. You can re-platform or re-architect your application as a set of microservices or as event driven, serverless architecture. Development can also be standardised through a centralised build factory, ensuring consistency and reuse across multiple development projects within your organisation.


We assess your current applications, potential candidates for refactoring and recommend an approach


We implement the foundational build services required to host a production ready application


We build the first set of features needed to get your product to production

Feature Release

We continue to enrich and optimise functionality throughout your product

Our Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Planning & Assessment

We assess your current applications and help you select a potential candidate for refactoring with a recommended approach

Governance & Security Planning

We plan and document the required security controls needed for a secure and compliant solution

Proof of Concept Architecture

We design the architecture required to host a production ready workload

Product Roadmap & Architecture

Plan your product roadmap using APIs and the underlying architecture

Professional Services



We implement the foundational CICD build services and platforms required to create a consistent, production ready application

Cloud native Security

We implement the latest in security controls and ensure industry compliance


We implement solutions that are fully automated via code, not hand cranked and can be deployed multiple times in multiple environments

MVP Implementation

We build the first set of features needed to get your product to production using the latest in Microservices and serverless technology

API Gateway Implementation

We ensure your publicly accessible APIs are secured and controlled

Config as an Artefact

We implement solutions that are clearly documented through the released code

Release Implementation

We continue to enrich and optimise functionality throughout your product

Secure Pipeline Implementation

We ensure your CICD pipeline is secure using the latest in Source Code management, CVE scanning and Artefact management

Principle #1

"Totally and completely customer obsessed."

Technology Capability and Partnerships


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